Sfile Mobi APK For Free Download Android 2022

If you’re looking for an app to store data online, you’ve come to the right place. You should take a look at Sfile Mobi APK! It’s a premium data storage solution that comes with some fantastic features. For one thing, it allows easy access to your files from anywhere on the planet with just a simple login count and additional authentication if you wish. Also, File Mobi is more than just a good app: it’s a modern way to store your stuff in an aesthetic, organized layout that repays your time spent accessing it!


Sfile Mobi APK is a free unlimited storage space for all your data. It can be used to share or store content. You can access the objects stored by other users too, and no restrictions are imposed on you regarding the type of file that you want to save inside this app – videos, audio clips, documents, images, etc. All contents stored inside the Sfile Mobi APK app are absolutely free and they remain secure with complete encryption even if they’re saved on multiple platforms and accessed from anywhere across different devices.

Sfile Mobi APK

What is Sfile Mobi APK?

Sfile Mobi APK is an excellent android app developers tool that is extremely beneficial for any SMB, Solopreneurs and regular Entrepreneurs out there who are looking to outsource their local development needs. The Sfile Mobi allows startups and hobbyists alike to easily start up a domain like an app that can be used for cloud storage for documents and images. There will no longer be a need to use things like Google Drive because this new technology will allow you to download directly from your own mobile device.

Access all the files that you need when it matters most as well as make editing these things extremely simple when necessary. There really has never been anything quite like it before – at least not in the Android Marketplace! You can either make your data private or share it through the Sfile Mobi APK. With it, you can use the service for free to share premium files like software for example as well as videos and documents in TXT file format. Our developers also created a web service so that you’ll be able to administer your own cloud storage from any internet-connected device.

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Sfile Mobi Apk Features

  • Scripts, games, apps and more are found here – everything from scripts to premium files.
  • New Uploads – See what’s new in the community.
  • Publish your own files – Share them with the community.
  • The information is secure.
  • Supported OS – Compatible with Android 10 (Q).

what to do to register with Sfile Mobi APK?

If you want to download the application, first, install it on your phone. Then the system will ask you to sign in with an email and password. If you use non-Indonesian language, you may face a lot of problems in this case. But follow these steps and never make mistakes.

When at first you open the application, you shall see one button that has been already mentioned above – “MENDATAR”. This means sign-in in the Indonesian language. But here is something similar between Indonesian and English words like “ayo mulai”, which means let’s start. We have described its meaning before so let’s get started…

How to download and install Apk File

To download the app, click on the button above to start a download. Once you have completed the download, it’s important that you know that there are methods to install apps outside of the Google Play Store. The first step will be to open your settings menu so that you can access the security section where it allows for third-party applications.

Sfile Mobi APK

After you allow for this new form of installation schemas to take place, you can tap into a file saved within your Downloads folder and complete the installation prompts. We hope you enjoy using this application and we are extremely excited about playing an integral part in helping our local software community thrive!


The mobile application Sfile Mobi was launched on January 18, 2022, and has been available for download at APKFL ever since. Its latest update occurred on January 18, 2022, where the app was updated to version 1.1. Since then it has been downloaded more than 38701 times from our platform. The app is available in English and 15 other languages with a full version free of charge that you can download right now!

Download the app and open it using your favourite file manager or directly in your device’s browser during installation on any trusted site like APKFL. If the install doesn’t start, please enable unknown sources in your Android settings first! The app can be rated by users who each take a moment to write a review describing their experience with Sfile Mobi APK and offering alternative versions if needed so you can determine which one is best for you.

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