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Music Maker Jam is an interesting Windows 8 app that lets you hum your own personal songs to create them live, without any musical knowledge. It comes with a whole list of tracks and melodies for you to choose from that just as easily transform your hum into some tasty music. Whether you want to come up with something mellow or uplifting you can easily do so by selecting the appropriate genre style or track of choice.


We were rather pleased when we found out how easy it was to use this program. This app is designed for those who love playing around with music. Music Maker JAM lets you make music tracks in three genres: dubstep, tech house, and jazz. Each style offers a wide range of different instruments and sounds, so you can freely experiment by trying out new combinations. You have an 8-track mixer where you can freely arrange the order of your tones & effects, or switch them as it’s playing!

Music Maker Jam APK

Introduction Music Maker Jam APK

Music Maker Jam does not offer song creation, as you cannot compose your own music for others to play and listen to. However, it does offer the possibility of being able to make use of samples (songs) from others, and thus offers a means by which one can be creative by sample making. You’re given a handful of samples (songs) at the start, plus are able to add more from within the application, or from the iTunes Store when visiting the website. It’s important not to forget that Music Maker Jam is not for professionals, but rather those who wish to get into making music easily with samples made by other amateurs.

Music Maker Jam is more fun if you use your Windows 8 tablet to navigate the app because multitouch is supported, which gives you a better sense of control over the music. This app is great for just messing around with to produce some original beats and melodies or for introducing yourself to making music on computers. Music Maker Jam is available for free from the Windows App Store!

When it comes to your music mixing, the mixers are most important. There are massive 8 channels that are totally capable of handling any need a user has along with bass, brass, drums and effects – all within them. Not only can you easily customize the level of each mixer and combine them at ease but they can be adjusted accordingly as well. This is one product that will not disappoint in any aspect a recording enthusiast might ever want out of something such as this!

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With these simple tools, you can easily create music

To begin a new project, select New Project from the toolbar. Once you’ve clicked this button, you’ll notice an opened interface. Your job at this point will be to add loops by clicking on the plus icon (or hit ‘Ctrl’ + ‘D’, if that sounds like more fun). Select up to 2 loops in any combination then you’re ready to get your hands dirty and start manipulating these simple audio samples to create fabulous music – without having to invest a lot of time or energy into learning complex software tutorials!

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HappyTune also offers a simple to use interface that feels very natural and gives you complete control over what music you like to hear. You can write your own lyrics, too, whether they’re funny or romantic, and play them at the same tempo and rhythm – so it’s essentially like making a music video!

Music Maker Jam APK

It’s easy to collaborate with friends on these projects, too – all their tunes will be automatically integrated into the song of your choice (and does not require any complicated apps) as well as in your happy tune account, where all of your creations can be easily shared online once you are finished playing. If you would like a more detailed description of Music Maker JAM, we recommend consulting the developer’s website.

On this site, you can find out more about the product’s average rating and the number of downloads. The app was rated 2-stars by 4 people and 5-stars by 24958 people. It has been downloaded at least 25174 times but the number of downloads could be as high as 50370. If you need an app that is compatible with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), your mobile device needs at least version 16 (Jelly Bean, API 16) in order to download this application.


Music Maker Jam APK reached version 1.0 back in September of 2021, and has remained a popular downloaded app on APKFL ever since. The current version is 1.2 and it has been downloaded more than 18583 times from our platform by users over the past month. The app is available in 15 different languages—including English—and comes with a full installation that you can download onto your mobile device. To start enjoying all the features of Music Maker JAM APK, we have put together a direct link download for this purpose, which is as simple as downloading the game itself!

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