Locket Widget APK For Free Download Android 2022

Locket Widget APK is a brand new widget specially designed for Android apps. This widget allows users to swipe from their lock screen towards the left in order to gain access to the widget. It was introduced recently in the iOS App Store, which explains why at this moment there is no version available for Android devices. Asked about the possibility for his app to become available on Android, Matthew Moss exclaimed. Android is coming! I promise users that I won’t keep them waiting long!


Widgets are such a hot commodity these days that they’ve even inspired short films like the one we mentioned in our last newsletter. New developments, new considerations and new conclusions/theories will be announced as soon as they become available to us from our own marketing team. The best way to stay abreast of these updates is by following our company blog.

Locket Widget APK

How does Locket Widget Apk work?

Locket Widget APK is a widget that makes it easy for you to share photos with your closest friends and family! Whenever someone sends you a photo, it instantly appears on your local Locket Widget APK – so you don’t have to go far to show off what’s happening in your life or capture the moment. You can even take short videos and post them directly to your wall where they will last forever. It’s almost like you’re crafting an ever-changing photo collage of the people who mean the most to you, right on your home screen! The Locket app uses your existing location history to help you tell the story of your day.

Use the Locket app’s map view to go back in time and check out your photo story and see what you were up to when you were out. You can also choose to see where certain locations are on your photo grid, so if there is one particular location that interests you, scroll down on the image or click on “location” below the grid to see it highlighted on the map! The Locket application is just for fun! It’s best suited for close friends, family members and even pets! To keep things simple, this application allows users to add up to 5 other people in their network!

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Where is it located?

It will automatically appear on your home screen as new. You can send a picture to your friends’ home screen by tapping the widget. When you receive photos from family and friends using the Locket app, any pictures you are sent on the web forums floating around or web pages popping up during your day will also show up in your photostream.

Locket Widget APK

All photostreams from one’s network of contacts would be able to comment on each other’s pictures! Plus when you use Locate, you’d be able to track down images that have been shared with your network. All photos received could be commented on when you scroll down the Locket app! To keep it simple, users will be able to add 5 people to their directory as well as opt for anonymous use if they wish not to show people what they’re sharing directly with networks of close connections.

How to download and install Apk File

This app has been tried and tested by a number of different people to make sure that it’s working as it should. Aside from protecting its users’ information, if you’re having trouble finding this app in the Google Play Store, don’t panic! This app is a very safe program, so you can always download it from our website for free. The “Unknown Sources” option is found in the settings function of your Android device. This can be accessed by tapping on the Applications or Settings button and selecting it from the pull-down menu.

Locket Widget APK

Once you’ve tapped on this, an options list should appear. Tap on Security and enable Unknown Sources from this list to continue. After this has been done, go to your download manager in Android and tap on the Locket Widget APK installation package. Once it has been downloaded, a popup box will appear with installation options that remind you to either install now or open later if you’re using Android 2.2 or higher. If you choose to install now, then just wait until all of its files have been installed before clicking the Open option that appears in this box.


The application was released in early 2022, right after the developers came up with work on the idea. APKFL is proud to offer it for download now that it’s out on the Google Play store and other app stores as well be it for a premium or not. The most current version is v1.0.4 and since its release, it has been downloaded more than 30905 times from our platform alone.

You can find this utility in English and 15 other language varieties, along with a full variation that you might want which we’ll provide downloadable links for if interested. For users who are interested in opening apps, feel free to visit APKFL and get your hands on the latest version of Locket Widget APK by downloading its APK file to your Android device or emulator quickly too!

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