Facebook Messenger Apk Free Download Android 2022

Facebook Messenger APK is a very lightweight and easy to use application. An SMS or MMS application that you can use on your smartphone. You can send text messages, pictures, videos, voice notes and emoticons. In addition to being multi-platform compatible.

Facebook Messenger APK has a modern design with its material palette in black and blue. The main menu contains the basic options for sending messages, controlling your chat history and profile settings. This app is not only for the web but also for mobile devices.

It is available for Android, Blackberry OS, Java / Symbian OS / S40 OS and Apple i OS. First of all, besides sending messages to your Facebook friends you can make phone calls using this app. This feature requires a 3G or 4G connection or WiFi access. The audio quality depends on the speed of the internet connection.

Furthermore, media files like images and videos can be shared with others in an instant. It’s possible to pin them onto the top of the chat list so that everyone will see these posts immediately after opening Facebook Messenger APK. And most important, they will show you how to upload photos with your phone.

Again no one told me I could do this so I was not able to take pictures on my trip and share them. They prove that you can chat with anyone in FB with their Messenger application too… No need for skype or other services.

This is a kind of WhatsApp for PC using the web browser from the official website called “WhatsApp Web” to use it. If you want to send this article to your friends or family, please share it on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

facebook messenger apk

weakest, your stickers disappear from your friends iMessages. We all have seen that in the image above. The following instructions will help you out to find these “disappeared” messages and stickers.

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But it is clear that Messenger has been around for a long time and has as many features as many other apps. The Facebook Messenger APK application was first introduced in 2011 and went public as an independent mobile app two years later. The company then launched the application on Android and iOS devices, although not all of the features were available to both systems.

Facebook Messenger Update

 There are new features in the Messenger application. You can now send postcards, colour or stylized photos using stylized stickers, there is a virtual assistant that takes your questions to track your kids and you can ask pizza to carry out orders if needed.

You see then that your contacts let you send the colours in turn on. Also, you can start using the dark mode to activate it So this is how you can enable dark mode in WhatsApp / Messenger app. Once you’ve done so, the background will automatically change to black when you open the app, and all of your messages with friends or family will be displayed with a black background too.

If you haven’t received the update yet, check out our guide on how to download APKs for Android apps through various sources outside Google Play Store. Unfortunately, there’s no way for users to activate dark mode permanently in their phones at this point in time though… I guess we’ll just have to wait around.

facebook messenger apk


The app is rated 4.2 stars on Google Play Store and has 5998 downloads currently available in the Google Play Store. Furthermore, 1 out of every 10 users who visit Facebook Messenger APK downloads the app on their device. The operating system requirement for this application is Android 2.3 or higher.

The only difference between using Messenger online and an app is that it will take less time downloading than opening your browser to access Facebook’s website. With our website, you can find all the information about “Facebook Messenger” on Android.

The best thing is that you can also comment on articles directly via Facebook. This way our users are able to get more information about the app before they download it. On Androidpit, reviews of the current version of the application are available for this install.

You can find out more about the different permission that this Facebook Messenger APK Facebook Messenger Apk requires by clicking here. The rating was 4.4 after the user rating and 7.0 after the app rating. Percentage of users who rated it 1 star: 12%. Percentage of users who gave 5 stars: 40%. The average rating is 3.8 (Total: 2827).

The number of downloads: 85420 mean number of total installs. This is one of the most popular Facebook Messenger APK today, which offers many possibilities for sending text messages, images or links to friends.

After Facebook acquired WhatsApp, they decided to release a new standalone application for messaging services. If you want to connect with your Facebook account information this app works perfectly with it.

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