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The gameplay is about a player who controls a real Eagle to explore wild birds. You can explore all types of wild bird species in Eagle Simulator Apk. These birds include Sparrow, Seagulls, Robin, Blue Jay etc. During your exploring trip, you have to hunt for these birds by using Eagle’s sound waves as an ability. The Eagle will be sent to fly around the world with extreme freedom so that it can play with millions of players from around the world. In order to survive in this world of birds, you have to eat small animals such as mice.

The Eagle is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. It has razor-sharp claws and incredible eyesight that helps him to easily aim prey. Eagle Simulator for Android is a game that puts you into the shoes of an eagle where he must survive by hunting down animals like rabbits, deers, etc.  This way it will be easier for you to understand what this majestic bird goes through every day of his life. Eagle Games APK Free Download make use of high-quality graphics so as to give players an excellent gaming experience on their mobile devices. Eagle Game APK Download For PC certainly gives you more than just ordinary game playing. 

Eagle Game APK is a fun and interactive Eagle simulator. The eagles are hunting again! Can you survive? This Eagle Games mobile app brings you all the action from Eagle Simulator 3D – Hunting, Eagle Fight Simulator, Eagle Sniper Shooter, Eagle Flight Simulator 3D and Eagle Survival Game for Free!  Try it now and see if you can master your skills as a wild eagle hunter. Our version of Eagle Games comes with tons of added features to give you the ultimate eagle gaming experience.

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The Eagle: Legend Unleashed game is a fun, simple and slightly addicting mobile phone game that aims to simulate hunting. You control an eagle as it dives down towards the ground in order to capture sheep, rabbits and other animals with its talons.

There are different levels that become increasingly more challenging as you progress through the game. Each Eagle Lover begins with 3 lives (hearts) and some amount of money; for this reason, we recommend beginning at level 1-1 where you start near civilization and therefore have an easier time making money without losing a life.

The Eagle World is threatened by a threat to all birds: mice and small rodents! Your task in Eagle World is to eliminate the mouse plague and show everyone that you are the king of the sky. You will need your razor-sharp claws and beak, as well as awesome speed, dexterity and cunning to pass all levels from the Eagle World. The Eagle World has been awaiting a hero – it’s time for YOU to become an eagle.

Eagle Game Apk


It seems like you can either play with friends or solo, which is nice. I’m not a huge fan of PvP usually but Eagle Sim sounds really cool and the flying looks to be pretty fun! To relieve stress? You could totally go head to head and just fly around and try and dodge each other. Would that work as a multiplayer mode maybe? Or how about instead of having 2 eagles hunting for fish alone, they have 1 eagle vs another player so it’s an Eagle vs Eagle Shooter.

Eagle game APK You will play as an eagle that tries to collect small yellow things flying around the screen without hitting anything else. If you can not avoid any obstacle outside of your path, you must start again from scratch. And above all this, try to make it fast! Because if an eagle does not fly at high speed, it dies (that’s what mom always said.

Eagle Game Apk Features

Game Apk is a new action game about eagles and vultures, developed by Eagle Games Studio Ltd. In the game, players get to be eagles or vultures themselves, who want nothing more than to feed their babies with other birds’ meat. But the battle for the food isn’t as easy as it might seem because there are also a lot of enemies that need to be conquered using various weapons. Eagle Game Apk features colourful graphics and intuitive controls which make the gameplay even more enjoyable.

The Eagle Game Apk has a wide-open world so you can fly as far as possible. You can also fly up the mountain during the eagle flight simulator. The Eagle Flight Simulator. Eagle Flight Simulator is a game for android where you have to climb mountains, descend canyons and take good care of your eagle to become the best player! All this in beautiful scenarios with a majestic landscape that makes us enjoy our free time playing Eagle Flight Simulator!

This eagle simulator 3d is full of wildlife, forests and rivers. Do not miss it! Eagle War is an alternative version of Eagle Flight Simulator. Your objective in Eagle War is to hunt down your prey by shooting arrows. You can increase Eagle level by Eagle Coin or Eagle Crystal, but Eagle Coin is a better choice because Eagle Crystal will decrease your score in that level.

When you use Eagle Coin you get 1 Eagle Level up. When you use Eagle Crystal you get 3 eagle levels up, but the eagle becomes angry and its speed increases so it might be hard to hit the ball in later levels leading to a lower score than using Eagle Coin. You will win extra 10 points when you complete a level with a perfect(100%) target score which is expressed by the power bar under the target circle. – Eagle Game Apk Increase power bar: To increase the power bar just swipe leftover empty. 

The front is a mobile shooter in which you can fight, nest and soar at high speeds In the Eagle Game Apk.In Eagle Front, you play as an Eagle. It’s a classic tale of Eagle vs Eagle. If you have been looking for adventure, this might well be it – The Eagle Game Apk. In Eagle Front, you play as one of two eagles fighting for supremacy in a massive 3D open-world. There are many things to do: players must use their eagle instincts to track down prey and always stay vigilant against predators that want nothing more than to catch them by surprise The Eagle Game Apk.

  • Eagle Game Apk is a free game.
  • Press their coin and they will go insane!
  • Just knock his left hand and he will urinate!
  • Just smack his stomach and he will die!
  • Stomach! Push a button to feed him!
  • You will see the dancer if you press the button!
  • A sneeze can be seen by pressing a button!
  • It’s as simple as shaking the app!
  • Just touch his head and he will be smacked in the face!
  • You can make him laugh by sliding your finger across his stomach.
  • It includes an in-app purchase system, which can be disabled by disabling the settings on your device.
  • The game features single-player mode and multiplayer mode, so you can play against friends or random opponents.
  • There are three different types of gameplay – action, strategy, and puzzle.
  • You can choose from eight different languages to play the game.   
  • The graphics are high quality with realistic details that look like they came straight out of a cartoon show.

Eagle Game Apk Download And Install APK File

Before you start, you need to make sure your phone meets the minimum system requirements for the Eagle Game app: Android 4.0 and up You may also require some free space on your device’s internal storage or SD card depending on the size of this product too. That being said, please read ahead to find out how to install Eagle Game on your device.

The application details page shows that it occupies 38 MB on disk and it gives the user an option to download an APK file that needs an Sd card or internal storage space of at least 105 MB in order to get installed. 

Eagle Game Apk

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In 2021, the Institute of Space and Technology in Győr penned its first game release. Eagle Game is a unique game in mobile app stores because it combines elements of strategy and arcade gameplay together in one fun-packed package! The premise behind Eagle Game is that eagles have been spotted dropping their prey from above, prompting all animal life to seek refuge at the bottom of the playing field while they try to protect the other wildlife below them.


The game itself is quite simple: players control tiny owls on either side of the screen who swoop or hover between numerous bugs and moles as they fall from above. Your goal is to work with your owl partner to share source points and upgrade your owls as you try to target every single superfood for maximum points and even more swoops.

The app was downloaded onto APKFL on Nov. 09, 2021, was rated 1292 times by App users in our Android app store and has a user rating of 4.6/5. The full version of Eagle Game is available on our platform with direct download links. An update was installed to the application on Nov 03 2013 and the app is currently running version 3.2 besides having 15 translations built-in for many languages such as English and others which you can choose from if you need them for your project or if you are using this template as an example for which you want to build or improve your own mobile application.

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