Danger Dash APK For Free Download Android 2022

The game Danger Dash APK from Gameloft is an endless runner game comparable to many other games of the same genre. In this game, a player controls a little character (the main character of the game) who has to run away from some cats, in this game tiger, is seen relentlessly pursuing you. Throughout each level, there are different obstacles that make getting to the end harder and harder.


However, you can make use of certain abilities such as being able to jump over any object like walls or cars and even kill enemy animals by shooting at them with a gun that you get later in the levels. Throughout the levels, there are powerups (pick-ups) that make your life easier like one that makes you be able to run twice as fast for a few seconds or others that power up your ability to kill tigers by killing more at once. I recommend it for players who love running through different environments and getting energy from dodging obstacles!

Danger Dash APK

Introduction Danger Dash APK

As an endless runner, Ski Safari is one of the most popular mobile games available on the market today and is commonly compared to Temple Run. While this game does have a variety of power-ups that can be bought with gems, one thing that sets it apart from its more widely played counterpart is the controls. Instead of using the device’s touch screen to navigate the environment and quickly jump over obstacles.

Ski Safari allows users to tilt their screens in order to play which offers greater control during extreme points where quick reflexes would otherwise be needed to evade danger. This factor when combined with how much easier it is to see what’s ahead makes this game even more addictive than other similar titles while keeping players hooked for hours on end!

As you begin your journey through the game’s multitude of levels you’ll notice that each level has a different design and style to them, and they incorporate a fantastic vintage feel. What’s really great is that not only are the very visual components of the design meaningful but the audio requirements have been considered just as carefully. Elements like sound effects do an excellent job of keeping you attentive to where you should be headed next! [picture with images].

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Danger Dash APK is an endless runner game you can download and play

In this game, users are expected to collect as many coins & powerups in their path as possible while avoiding obstacles. Coins can be used between levels to upgrade skills & abilities such as increasing the number of coins gained every minute. Players are placed on a global leaderboard with players from around the world.

You can follow your friends’ scores and check for yourself how you stand up against them. And before you know it, you’ll start noticing that some player’s progress is pulling further away from yours. It’s exciting! You want to keep playing but at the same time, the excitement is kind of gone now that you’ve done this track… numerous times.

But don’t worry, once you play Danger Dash APK with someone, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to show off your high scores when playing with others. The game doesn’t end when you’re a winner – instead, it takes on a whole new dimension as every day brings in new challenges to make the game more exciting and daring! Click download now above to get started right away.

How To Download And Install APK File

Download Danger Dash APK if you’re a fan of action gameplay that relies on timing and strategic reflexes to overcome increasingly difficult obstacles. The storyline is fairly simple; space truck drivers are forced to play through hundreds of different obstacle courses along with their eccentric boss, in which they discover the boss might be a smuggler as well as a ruthless driver who takes delight in seeing his employees struggle (which creates an asynchronous competitive dynamic).

Danger Dash APK

One can choose from three characters and includes over 700 levels, so there really is something here for gamers looking for a quick fix or those players who want to spend the time necessary to master this game. It’s rated 4 out of 5 stars on the Apple app store platform, but I personally think that’s too low- it deserves at least positive ratings because it offers so much more than other games.


The Danger Dash APK app was released on October 17, 2020, and is available on our platform for download. The current version of the application is 1.4 and it has been downloaded more than 82147 times from our website as of today. It is a free app and you can also download the popular Android Emulators to use it on your desktop or smartphone device. The positive feedback we have received from users about this software inspires us to keep making improvements so that we may provide even better service in the coming years.

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