Bluetooth File Transfer Apk For Free Download Android 2022

Bluetooth File Transfer is an easy-to-use application that lets you transfer files between two Bluetooth enabled devices. The app has been rated 5 stars by some users but 4 out of five reviews mention bugs or crashes when using this software tool on their phone which leaves room for improvement in future versions.

The output summarizes the information given while summarizing what was written before without repeating any phrases verbatim. With Bluetooth File Transfer APK, you can easily and quickly upload your files to the cloud. This app was created by 154,798 users with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 in total!

The application finishes downloading at least 10 million times but more than 50 Million when it comes down to uploading large capacity devices such as SD cards or USB drives for easy access anywhere anytime on any screen size device including smart TVs.

The newly released ‘Bluetooth Filetransfer’ allows its user’s download massive files up into either a Personal Computer (PC) through WIFI connection options too or onto another smartphone running android os 2 3-4.

Bluetooth File Transfer Apk Features

The custom security manager is a great way to keep your device safe from and scammers. This connection type can only be connected to authorized devices if you accept, but it will remove all of the risks associated with having poor WiFi signal strength or being insecure at home by turning off Bluetooth server security features enabled by default.

Third-party applications openly supported (or select) connection, music, pictures or files from SD card using the package as a multimedia file. Support for encryption both pack and unpack zip files because WinZip is used in this demonstration – keep secure private documents with a long passphrase that can’t be brute-forced easily.

bluetooth file transfer apk

Third-party apps enable connections between an Android device to third-party servers such as Dropbox so you don’t have to worry about saving everything on your own computer anymore ̶ just sync anything important by going online if needed. Music stored inside one’s smartphone will also become accessible via Bluetooth without having them copied onto another storage medium like hard drives attached externally through USB ports.

The innovative file viewer is a one-stop shop for all your needs. This user interface has been custom designed to suit the individual’s personal preferences and will provide them with an easy way of navigating through their device or computer files in order to find what they’re looking for, fast.

APK, the audio-video image also archives zip tar Thumbnails – Thumb Picture not saved on cell phone memory. It can connect to new and old smartphones: Nokia Samsung LG Sony also Infrared. It is a great way of accessing your files without having them stored digitally which could potentially get lost forever.

bluetooth file transfer apk

Forget about the old school way of sharing files: sending them as attachments or links. We all know how much email can take up your inbox and make it difficult for you to get anything else done! Enter VCF file connectivity; short-cut icons allow for quick access to frequently used functions such as extracting zip archives (encrypted with password).

while still being able to view hidden media like SD cards on either smartphone or laptop screens at any point without having multiple windows open in front of us every time we want one specific type viewing/editing feature enabled–it’s just there when needed.

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How To File Download And Install

Download Bluetooth File Transfer is located in the Communication category and was developed by Medieval Software’s. The average rating on our website is out of stars, however, there are some different platforms that rate this app with 3/5 stars like App Annie or Play Store; you can also respond to these reviews if you want more information about it!

If not already done so check them out now for an up-to-date review before downloading via their official site. The average rating is 1-star, but 5 users rated it with five stars. The app has been installed at least 2422 times and can reach 48440 downloads based on its availability in Google Play Store for Action devices only with a minimum Android 2.3 Gingerbread API 9 version requirement.

the latest app is the newest addition to our catalogue. Apk analytics show that it has been downloaded 11308 times since its release, making it one of their most popular apps ever! It offers full versions in 15 languages including English for those looking for more international content on our site or playing around with translated text messages while abroad.

The installer should start automatically if not then you’ll need access through “Settings>Security>” before installing unknown sources which can be enabled within Android settings under General  Unknown Sources. Forum Thread. Bluetooth File Transfer is the only app you’ll ever need to move files between two devices. If downloading and installing are too much trouble.

Just download this APK file directly from our website! Our links work faster than any other service out there- we promise no slowdowns or disconnects with them; besides if something does go wrong then let us help because that’s what friends do right.

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