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The Hindi Badland-winning Dictionary is an atmospheric side-scrolling adventure platformer set in a magnificent forest full of different inhabitants, trees and flowers. Although it looks like a beautiful fairy tale to the right, there are sinful secrets that release their deadly grip on the unsuspecting souls that dare to challenge this deceptively tranquil place. An adorable Grumptop named Kong has been captured by the villainous Shysters and you have to play as his best friends in order to save him from certain doom. But be careful! There are numerous dangers lurking behind each corner!



 Introduction BADLAND APK

An enormous bird. A tiny human. It’s a lovely line about balance and our newest physics-based adventure takes advantage of this concept by making the world of Badland more atmospheric than ever before. Join a boy who’s been separated from his little sister as he runs, jumps, and slides through the forest collecting seeds to grow trees that will help him keep his sister safe from creatures like hungry grasshoppers that want to gobble her up! Play Badland APK: Game Of The Year Edition today – IT’S FREE!

Badlands is an original local multiplayer title where 4 players can play together and compete to work cooperatively against multiple obstacles. There’s no specific set of rules in place either, so you’ll have to collaborate with your opponents to survive as a group, or against each other, if that’s how you want to play it! If anyone player dies, they will instantly respawn but at the expense of losing some “life credits.”

You compete for more life credits by working together on devising ways to not only stay alive in the game but also complete the main goal. The main goal is based on running through various courses although many people just enjoy survival modes instead of completing the main story objectives; this often leads up to hilarious situations.

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  • The excellent audiovisual gaming experience at a very low price.
  • Compatible with Android phones, tablets, and TVs.
  • Saves to the cloud and supports immersive gaming.
  • There may be some improvements to the content and levels.
  • Players will find out about the campaign and updates when there are 100 truly unique levels.
  • In future updates, there will be a multiplayer mode for up to four players and more content on up to 23 devices simultaneously.
  • The game allows up to four players to effectively stay in position – Play with your friends and customize single-player campaigns.
  • Campaigns! Level Editor allows you to create, share, and play levels!
  • Playtime on a new level when you use Level World!!
  • With intuitive touch control and innovative design, it’s easy to use.
  • And fully compatible with game controllers.

How to Download And Install APK File

Download Badland APK is an app that can be found in the Adventure Games category and was developed by Frogmind. The average rating for the app on Google Play is out of 5 stars, but on other platforms, it has a slightly lower score. On our website, you can respond to Badland so that users have a better idea of what kind of mobile application it is. If you’d like to know more about this app, we recommend heading over to its official website if available in order to find more information.


To Get the app, go to your device’s store and find BADLAND APK. The average rating of BADLAND is 1 out of 5. The app has been rated by 4668 users. 37 users gave it a 1-star rating, while 822 users gave it a 5-star rating. After being at the store for 93320 days, the app can be downloaded for free with an Action user account and any Android version above 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 15).


The Delivery app was released in the App Store on January 20th, 2020. Since then it has been downloaded over 50048 times from our platform and its current version is It’s available in English as well as 30 other languages and has a full version that you can download directly to your device once it has been installed on your system by following a few easy steps that are outlined below on this page.

BADLAND APK is a fun game, even more so when you’re able to play it with friends. Enjoy high-end graphics that take advantage of the latest Android devices, and have no fear as we’ve provided you with a selection of free links to download BADLAND APK directly from Google Play Store. We provide APKPure and Snapshot APK files for your convenience! I prefer not to use Google Play Store, there are also several other Android emulators available for FREE.

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