Avast Anti-Theft APK For Free Download Android 2022

Get the Avast Anti-Theft APK. Unlocking the Anti-Theft System and Locking Down Your Device with its Theft Alarm, Locator GPS Tracking of Stolen Devices, And Taking Remote Control of BlueStacks (BSA), as well as Backing Up Your Apps, Camera Roll, and Contacts in your Cloud! Avast Anti-Theft APK is an app created by the Avast folks to help you find your lost or stolen Android phone. Using this app and the related website.


You can locate your missing device on a map; change passwords, lock it or wipe it clean remotely; and even track it via GPS. You can also protect specific features on your phone like the camera and messaging apps (from 3rd parties). All in all, this software starts out free for basic services but does offer other premium features for a nominal fee. So if you need a helping hand that goes above and beyond what a regular tracking/locking app offers, then this is worth looking into!

Avast Anti-Theft APK

Introduction Avast Anti-Theft APK

Avast anti-theft APK protection is crucial to a person’s Android. You must enable it at once because it will enable you to protect your phone better should you lose or damage it. This feature allows you the ability to trace your phone via GPS, take photos of would-be perpetrators using your phone’s camera, or completely lock and reset the contents of your device if needed. Experts recommend that you set up a unique passcode and add a contact person who will be able to access this code to make sure that your data is not compromised by strangers.

Once you have avast!’s Anti-Theft set up, you can access it as easily as logging onto your computer and changing your profile password. Once logged in, you can use the different options to prevent anyone from being able to use the device without your permission while also allowing you to track down its location if it gets misplaced or stolen!

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Avast Anti-Theft APK Features

Invisibility mode automatically activates the anti-theft app when you hide your phone. That way, if someone picks up your phone, they won’t be able to see that it’s running an anti-theft app. There are lots of other things you can do with this feature too. For example, you can fix a pin on a map before hiding your device and use that pin to track your device remotely.

This can come in handy if someone has borrowed your device without asking and is using it to visit sites that may otherwise be inappropriate for children. Now, let’s say someone left their phone behind while they went somewhere else in the home or office. You could set a sound off on their phone when it was placed back down to remind them of where they’d left their mobile so that they didn’t keep wandering around aimlessly looking for it every time they wanted to use their phone again!

  • Track Phone (uses GPS trackers and other methods) web-based mobile phone applications provide title and lost information on a map of the way.
  • With the web-based interface or SMS, you can take control of your phone remotely.
  • Then, delete your phone memory backup and the differential lock settings.
  • Take a picture of the phone or listen to the sound.
  • You can change the SIM card information on the second device.

How To Download And Install APK File

Download Avast Anti-Theft APK can be found in Safety and security, one category you’re sure to find more easily by simply searching for that type of application. And it’s rated 4 out of 5 stars by its users. The official website has some recently updated screenshots if you need an introduction, but the reviews from other download sites should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of this application (e.g. easy installation and use).

In the Android universe, there are few apps that have garnered as much recognition and acclaim as Avast Anti-Theft APK. In fact, in the app stores, it holds a nearly perfect 5 Star Rating overall and it’s been downloaded a total of 67951 times! For those familiar with or at least just passing aware of its many accolades, this is not surprising since it covers all of your security bases from theft prevention to remote control access – but not just that – do you know what some people enjoy most about technology?

Avast Anti-Theft APK

Ever hear anyone say that they live for apps like these? I’m pretty sure you have. Well when we talk about apps like this one, we’re really saying we live for features like the FBR (Fast Boot Reboot) option which allows users to reboot their device into fast boot mode quickly – rather than having to wait through all of the boot animation eye-candy while they wait impatiently – especially when they sense something wrong with their device.


Avast Anti-Theft APK is a nifty app from Avast Software and it’s been available for use in our library since February 18, 2020. Its current version number is 4.2.0 and the app is still being developed to run on any device operating system since its first release date. Downloading Avast Anti-Theft APK does not require special permission or effort but if you are having doubts about permissions you may want to enable them so as to track how new versions of the app might be taking up more memory space.

On your mobile phone or what additional features might be included in each new version number they release. The install size is around 112 MB and it requires only Android 4.1 version or higher to run on devices but that doesn’t mean it won’t work best with anything outside that particular requirement range either – let’s check out its features below!

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